Request for Records pursuant to 18 C.F.R. Part 401, Subpart H

(Rules of Practice and Procedure (“RPP”) Article 8)

Complete this form thoroughly and retain a copy; it may be required if an appeal is filed under the cited rules.

How do you prefer to be contacted if the agency has questions?
FEES: See applicable fees at 18 C.F.R. Part 401, Subpart H (Article 8 of the RPP). Administrative charges will be billed per quarter hour after the first quarter hour. Prepayment may be required. Waivers of fees are available only to agencies of signatory parties, congressional committees or the GAO, courts of competent jurisdiction, and in other narrow instances.

*Notify me before proceeding if fees associated with this request will exceed

More information is available at DRBC Administration Manual – Rules of Practice and Procedure
Public Access to Records and Information Article 8, Pages 37 – 43

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